Android Nougat Phones From Samsung & Motorola

Android Nougat is incredible update . The move up to Android 7 conveys a lot of positives to the table, with its greatest negative being meager accessibility. Ideally, Nougat will begin showing on more devices soon, however until then, how would you know which phones are getting Android Nougat?

In case you're on a late Nexus device, then you have surely gotten it . If you aren't utilizing a Nexus device, well, things begin to get somewhat spotty. Nougat has been around for a considerable length of time now that more availability lists have seen the light of day.

Samsung Phones:-

If we talk about which phones are getting Android Nougat, it's hard also Samsung first. They're apparently at the front line of the Android world, so it bodes well that a considerable measure of their recent phones are getting Android Nougat bolster. To start with up, how about we discuss the Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, and the Note 7, on the off chance that it doesn't detonate before then. It was confirmed that update for Android 7.0 would go to the Note 7 in a couple of months, and an overhaul for the S7 and S7 Edge is ensured by then. After the triple Samsung sevens are brought into the Nougat world, there's still space for the Samsung Galaxy S6, the S6 Edge, and the S6 Edge+. With its prevalence and user base, the update will be furthermore taking off on the Note 5. It's conceivable that 7.0 will achieve Samsung models more established than these, yet it's not affirmed and isn't the priority.

Motorola Phones:-

When I consider which are Android Nougat phones, Motorola isn't the principal organization I consider, yet the organization I'm the most one-sided towards. They're a name that I've known for a while and the main Android brand that I took a risk on. This is the reason it's exceptionally tragic that I don't think any Motorola phones will see a Nougat update soon. Over a month back, Motorola confirmed that it would not support monthly security patches. The reasoning for this appears to be dodgy, best case scenario and is a shocking marker that Motorola won't be in the top of the line auto on the Nougat prepare. You can anticipate that Nougat will be on Motorola devices later on, yet when that future is, nobody knows. The phones destined to get the upgrade would likely be the Moto Z line, the G4, and the Moto X Style, however it's no telling when.